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Cooler Pets - I Sellum Online
Cooler Pets - I Sellum Online
Cooler Pets - I Sellum Online
Cooler Pets - I Sellum Online
Cooler Pets - I Sellum Online

Cooler Pets

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I get worried about our puppy overheating in the summer as well as in the winter time.

I say winter because when you live in the southern states even in the winter temperatures could easily
over heat just about any pet large or small.  

Have you seen your pet lying on the concrete?

But they don’t stay there too long? That’s because they get hot as well as creating joint pain. Well now your loving pet can lie on the concrete say cool and reduce the joint pain thus making your pet a happy pet.

Even in the house our pet seems to get hot, panting as they do their best to cool off. This is
one more reason to purchase two of our pet cooling pads, one for inside and one for outside.

All of our pet cooling pads are premium dual-sided with a smooth and soft surface as well as cozy
which every pet loves and needs.

We have them in four sizes M, L, XL and of course XXL and many colors to pick from.

- Color: As Shown.
- Material: Bamboo fiber.
- M40x29cm/15.75"x11.42".           

- L50x37.5cm/19.69"x14.37".         

- XL:  65x50cm/25.59"x19.69".          
- XXL: 88X59.5cm/34.65"X23.49".
- Smooth and soft surface, cool and breathable, cozy bed for the pet.
- Widely used for pet, dog, cat, chair and etc.
- Prevent dogs, cats prone to overheating.
- Ideal for pets bed, crate, kennel and car travel.
- Dual-sided design makes it not only suitable for summer, but also for cold days.


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